Playing the lead role is young Adam Rael, age 11. Adam is a student at Taos Day School where part of the film is being shot

Aunt Lupita
This role is played by Charlene Tsoodle-Marcus of Taos Pueblo.

Uncle Juan
Benito’s uncle is layed by Cesario Gomez, perhaps best known as owner and operator of the famous Taos Indian Horse Ranch at Taos Pueblo.

The girl who plays a friend of Benito’s is young Emily-Claire Marcus, another talented student from Taos Day School.

“Drunk Man”
The director’s brother, Jeff Romancito, stepped to to portray this unusual character.

Doctor Ryan
Local stage and film veteran Norm Cutliff Sr. plays this role.

This role will be played by The Taos News reporter Virginia Clark.

“Benito’s Gift” is the story of a young Taos Pueblo boy who, just before he is to perform a special song at the Taos Day School Christmas pageant, must suddenly deal with a family crisis, which eventually brings him closer to his aunt and uncle. The movie, shot on digital video by Emmy and Peabody Award-winning director of photography Doug Crawford, is one of the first times a movie has been produced, written and directed; starring; and inspired by people from Taos Pueblo.